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.50 BMG for FCSA Light Gun Class Competition.


6mm-284 NBRSA Light Gun Class Competition.

We build custom Rifles for long range Benchrest shooters and live varmint hunters in caliber's from .17 Mach IV to 50 BMG. We have built a strong reputation over the years for building consistently accurate rifles, and can recommend the features that will assure you of the performance and accuracy you demand. See more examples of guns we have built on our Gallery page.

Windage and Elevation Adjustable Rear Rifle Rest

Rear Rifle Rest.


Since it's introduction at the FCSA World Championships in July of 1997 our Windage and Elevation adjustable rear rifle rest has taken the long range shooting world by storm. The rest is the result of two years of development and testing that has resulted in a stable and repeatable platform to shoot off of. The rest is low profile and measures 11"L X 8"W X 3 3/8"H it is lead filled forward of the center of gravity and weighs 17.5 pounds. It can easily be converted to either right or left handed operation. Price for next batch of rests will be announced when they are ready to ship. (Currently out of stock)

Rear Rifle Rest Accessories

Rear Rest Accessories.

Often a customer shoots rifles with buttstocks of different shapes. We offer three different widths of rear bags, wide, medium and small in black cordura. The bags can be interchanged in the bag plate that comes on the rest but it is quicker and easier to change out the bag and plate as an assembly, so most customers buy both. (Currently out of stock)