Labor Price List

The prices listed below are based on the average price of doing the listed operation. The price you pay may be slightly different but if we build your complete rifle it will usually come out close to the price you would get if you added it up from this list. This list represents the most common things we do, but in the interest of saving space it by no means lists everything we do. If you need it done and you don't see it here, call us. Most work is completed within 6 to 12 weeks from the time we receive all of the parts. You can ship your gun directly to us and when finished we will ship it directly back to you either via Federal Express or UPS. Any work requiring us to order parts will require a minimum 50% deposit of the estimated completed price. We accept Check, Money Order, Discover Card, Visa and Mastercard.

Hourly shop Rate


Minimum Charge


Flat Black Teflon Finish


1000 Yd. Heavy Bench and 50 BMG Barreled Actions

add $100..00

Sanding and Polishing (per hour)(1/2 hour min.)


Mount & Bore Sight Scope


Test Fire Gun (usually includes a dummy round if chamber is nonstandard)


Cut & Crown Barrel


Remove Barrel Cut & Crown


Chamber, Thread & Fit Barrel to Action


True Action, Chamber, Thread & Fit Barrel to Action (standard caliber's)


50 BMG Match Chambers and large overbore magnums (ex. .378,.416,etc.)


Special Throats or Necks (each)


True Action Only (dealer price available)


Set Barrel Back & Rechamber


Cut Bolt Recess


Open Bolt Face, Alter Extractor

min. $150.00

Contour Barrel

1.250" blank - $110.00

1.750" or 2" blank - $150.00

Polish Contoured Barrel (minimum.)


Flute Barrel (5 or 6 flutes)

1/4" wide - $300.00

3/8" wide $375.00

Flute Barrel (8 flutes)

to above add $75.00

Install Muzzle Brake

non indexed $225.00

indexed $300.00

Install & Adjust Trigger


Lighten and Smooth Trigger Pull - most guns


Shape and Install Recoil Pad


Glass Bedding Barrel & Action

Glass bed $300.00

pillar bed $450.00

Bedding 1000 Yd. Heavy and 50 BMG (special high temp. high strength bedding compound, developed by us)


Stock Painting (all stock painting done by Randy Dierks)

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