About Us

Dierks Industries, the manufacturing arm of our business was started in march of 1988. We started our business in the same leased commercial building in Sparks, Nevada that myself and a few friends previously built and tested racing engines. I built my first gun when I was about 12 years old and since then have maintained my interest over the years building guns and equipment mainly for myself, but in about 1993 after receiving many requests to "build me one like yours", I started building custom guns for customers through our retail business "Action Gun Works". I have always been primarily interested in long range shooting and varmint hunting, and that is the type of guns and equipment we specialize in. Each gun I build is built to customer specifications, you can call me up, and together we can design and build a gun for you.

So lets meet the Action Gun Works Crew


Randy Dierks - Wielding my colorful orange executive decision maker and group tightener. I answer the phone and build the guns.


Paula Dierks - In charge of anything involving paper or the need to remember anything. Keeps the rest of us in line.



Maynard - Our customer relations department. In charge of listening to all complaints, criticism and suggestions.

Boris and Natasha
Boris and Natasha - Official greaters, in charge of morale and making sure the shop and surrounding area is pest and vermin free.